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Preparing for Paramedicine (PFP)

All UK Ambulance Services now use universities to deliver nationally recognised training programs for their Paramedics. These are usually science based diplomas or degrees i.e. - Foundation Degree (FdSc), Bachelors Degree (BSc / BSc Hons). Successful completion of one of these courses allows the student to register with the Health & Care Professions council and to work as a registered Paramedic in the UK.

Preparing for Paramedicine is our distance learning course aimed at preparing students for their application to UK Paramedic training programs. This is not an access course, it is, as the title suggests, about preparing you for the application process and preparing you for the role of Paramedic. Because, like most careers, there are many rewarding aspects, but there are also significant challenges facing today's Paramedics. That's what makes the Preparing for Paramedicine course unique.

The course is completed completely via distance learning and you can take up to three months to complete the material. Your course materials and advice about getting started are sent to you via e-mail. The aim of the course is to allow your application to stand out from the rest of the applicants you are competing with for a place on a Paramedic program. Once completed, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe how the UK's Ambulance Services are structured

  • Describe the different skill sets of Care Assistants, Technicians & Paramedics

  • Identify a range of Health Care Abbreviations and their meanings

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of some of the equipment available to Paramedics

  • Discuss alcohol & drug misuse in society and how this might affect Paramedics

  • Discuss workplace violence and how this affects UK Ambulance Services

  • Discuss some of the skills needed to deal with challenging situations

  • Discuss some of the issues and challenges around patient safety

  • Describe the current Paramedic curriculum in the UK

  • Demonstrate an understanding of enquiry-based, higher education

  • Prepare to get fit for the role

  • Describe the training & driving licence requirements required for the role

  • Confidently answer some standard Paramedic Interview questions



"This is a good, solid attractive course, highly detailed & informative, where the quality is demonstrated throughout. It is also a course that clearly sets the learner at the centre and in particular, provides a good pre-recruitment experience for those learners with a desire to become a paramedic."

Educational Consultant & Assessor.



"The course is excellent and some of the material you have is like gold dust."

Rosie Doy - Head of Employability University of East Anglia.


Quality Assured!
This course has been fully assessed and validated by an educational consultant. Please read the comments below.


Preparing for Paramedicine – Independent Quality Assurance Evaluation

The Preparing for Paramedicine Course has received quality assurance, examination and scrutiny from an experienced practitioner of Further and Higher Education (FE/HE). The practitioner has a broad experience of qualifications, development and delivery as a senior manager in the college sector for more than 25 years. In that period he developed, wrote and delivered courses within the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) framework and has led and participated in SQA Qualifications Validation panels for new awards over a range of curricular subjects. He has developed and delivered high quality apprenticeship training and qualifications, notably BBC Scotland’s highly acclaimed Apprenticeship Programme in conjunction with a range of partners including: Creative Skillset, Skills Development Scotland, Edexcel and SQA. He also verified the quality assurance arrangements for the new Personal and Social Development course currently being delivered to the Army Reserve Force in Scotland.

Further, he has significant experience of external and internal audit requirements in respect of FE/HE qualifications delivery, participating in audits by Education Scotland (HMIe), Skills Development Scotland the SQA and others. He has developed and delivered innovative programmes for Glasgow City Council, RSBI and other partner organisations as well as delivering a broad range of apprenticeship training for organisations as varied as CITB Scotland and Creative Skillset.

Third party review of course content and standards: 2015

"This three week course is written and delivered by a highly experience practitioner in paramedicine. It is very well written and presented with good visual photographic content and detailed information on what it takes to become a paramedic and work within Emergency and Essential Services.

At its core, the course is learner-centred. The on-line nature of the course makes it very accessible for the learner and is straight forward and easy to negotiate. It provides the learner with a simple method for submitting course work and for receiving feedback and support. The communication between learner and provider is private.

Throughout the course learners are encouraged to “find out more” about the subject and to take notes, answer questions and submit work that demonstrates that they have a good understanding of Paramedic Services. Learners are clearly stretched and tested and are encouraged and supported at every stage. The course work submissions are an essential element and the provider provides detailed feedback to learners. It is clear that learners are required to research and carry out detailed reading prior to submitting work and in this respect learners need to put the work in to complete the course with any degree of success.

There is a good range of supportive information and material on: roles and responsibilities, training, current challenges, resources and equipment. Those learners who complete this course will have a very good understanding of the knowledge, skills, training and academic qualifications required to become a paramedic. Learners completing this course will be able to demonstrate that they have a high degree of interest in the Paramedic Service and further demonstrate that they can undertake and complete a course of study that is both interesting and testing.

This last factor should prove interesting for higher education establishments delivering degrees and training within this subject area when it comes to recruiting candidates for their programmes. Clearly, learners who complete the ‘Preparing for Paramedicine’ course should stand a good chance of completing a programme of studies a higher level, given that they have demonstrated that they have interest, knowledge and importantly, commitment in respect of the subject.

This is a good, solid attractive course, highly detailed and informative, where the quality is demonstrated throughout. It is also a course that clearly sets the learner at the centre and in particular, provides a good pre-recruitment experience for those learners with a desire to become a paramedic."


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